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                Application of UHMW-PE Pipe in Dredging

                Application of UHMW-PE Pipe in dredging

                Ultra High Molecular Weight ---Polyethylene Pipe and fittings in dredging

                UHMWPE <a href='http://www.q2p19yj.buzz/floatingdredgingpipe.asp' target='_blank' style='color:#0000FF; text-decoration:underline;'>floating dredging pipe</a>

                Ultra High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene dredging pipe (UHMW--PE Pipe) is one of the latest applications of polyethylene pipes. Ultra high molecular weight --polyethylene pipes (UHMW---PE Pipe), due to their advantages and high mechanical and chemical resistance is the best choice for fluid transfer systems in the dredging projects, because is molecular weight is range from 1.5million to 9.2 million, for polyethylene, the higher molecular weight the stronger wear resistant ability. Ultra High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene dredging pipe produces with common standards of polyethylene pipe and these two pipes have flange head.

                Quality and advantages of unique products of Shandong Buoy and pipe industry co.,ltd, as a superior alternative to old materials and methods has made these products as the first choice of engineers and contractors .
                Some advantages of Ultra High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene dredging pipe of Shandong Buoy and Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd:

                Low weight :
                Ultra High Molecular Weight-Polyethylene dredging pipes and fittings have lower weight than other types of steel pipes or concrete ones which facilitates their transportation, loading or installation.

                Impact resistant :
                High resistance of UHMW-PE pipes against impact eliminates needs of applying high pressure or purchasing anti shock equipments. This property reduces running costs and implementing wastes while facilitates performance. These all are valid reasons to replace UHMW-PE pipes and fittings with concrete ones.

                Erosion resistant :
                Comparison between UHMW-PE and other materials has shown that the pipes and fittings made of UHMW-PE are highly resistant against erosion which makes them a perfect choice for transferring fluids with non-soluble solids, plus they are safe from harms of rodents due to high rigidity of their surface.

                Chemical resistant:
                One of the advantages of note for UHMW-PE pipes and UHMW-PE fittings is that they are not affected of acidic and basic chemical environments.
                You can find the complete list of non-affective chemicals on UHMW-PE pipes & PE fittings through the standards of pipes and fittings.

                High flow rate:
                Since the inner wall of PE pipes and fittings are smooth with very low roughness therefore fluids can have a rapid flow within them. Shandong Buoy&Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd supplies products of UHMW-PE dredging pipe with roughness co efficiency of 0.00022. While the common HDPE pipe roughness is around 0.007, the steel pipe is around 0.12.

                Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene pipes and fittings have extensive applications like gas transportation, drainagesewagepotable waterfire systemscable shielding and pressurized irrigation systems.

                Raw materials:
                Pipes and fittings of Shandong buoy and pipe are produced with raw material from Ticona and Shanghai Lianle. Molecular weight range from 1.5 million to 9.2 million as request. 

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