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                Sand Discharging Floating Pipe

                Sand Discharging floating pipe

                1, Material: 

                Introduction on UHMWPE raw material:

                UHMWPE is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics with average molecular weight more than 1,500,000, catalyzed by ethylene and divinylic monomer. With high comprehensive properties, the UHMWPE material has the max value of wear resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance among all plastics. Thus the UHMWPE pipe is commonly used as dredging pipe, mining tailing discharging pipe, fender sleeve, conveyor roller...

                Property comparsion between UHMWPE and HDPE material:

                Advantages of the UHMWPE sand discharging floating pipe:

                1, High efficiency: UHMWPE pipeline has a very low coefficient of friction and is self-lubricating, the roughness of the UHMWPE pipeline is 0.00022, while the HDPE pipeline is 0.01 and steel pipeline is 0.1. The smooth interior surfaces assure low friction loss and high flow rate. Therefore, the flow capacity of UHMWPE pipes is more than steel pipes. Under same flow rate, the UHMWPE pipes could save 20% fuel for the dredgers.

                2, Wear resistant:  Higher Wear Resistance: Of all the pipe materials, UHMWPE pipes exhibit the smallest abrasion index. Of all the plastic pipes presently available, the anti-abrasion performance of UHMWPE is4 times of HDPE pipeline, 18 times higher than phenolic polymers, 6 times higher than polyamide polymers (PA66), 5 times higher than poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) as well as being 6.6 times higher than carbon steel, 5.5 times higher than stainless steel and 27 times higher than copper, so UHMWPE pipes can profoundly increase the service lifespan of slurry pipes.

                3, Anti corrosion: The UHMWPE pipeline with very stable chemical property, it is strong acid, strong base and so on.

                4, Anti impact: The impact resistance of UHMWPE pipes is 2 times of PC, and 10 times of PTFE. With good impact resistance, which could withstand the great water hammer impacts from various sand, muds and slurries.

                Photos of the UHMWPE sand discharging floating pipe:

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