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                Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes

                Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes


                Product Overview

                As a kind of water supplying pipe, taking the high density polyethylene and the continuous glass fiber as its raw materials and adopting the process of continuous winding forming in the production, the Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes have advantages like high pressure resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance, light in weight, environmental friendly, long service life and so on. Pipe Diameters are ranging from DN300 to DN3000mm.

                Pipe Structure

                The Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe is composed by the parent tube and the rib reinforcement. For the parent tube, there are three layers from inside to outside, including high density polyethylene layer, continuous glass fiber tape as the middle layer, and high density polyethylene as the outside protection layer, and the reinforcement rib will be winding on the outside of the parent tube. However the rib reinforcement layer does not need  if the ring stiffness of the pipe is not highly required  in some working conditions.

                Structural Advantages

                Normal Hard Pipe

                Strong Toughness Pipe

                Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe: the soil around the pipe will work onto the pipe body which is forcing the loading pressure to be transferred to the underground beneath, without making any extra loading onto the bottom of the pipe.

                Normal Pipes: the pipe body will bear all the pressure from the soil, but all of which will go focus onto the bottom of the pipe body.

                So the normal concrete pipe can be broken easily during its operation.

                The benefit of the rib reinforcement is that the displacement of the pipeline system,vertically or horizontally, can be prevented, thus to ensure the firmness and steadiness  of the pipe system by working together with the soil around which is like a big hand to hold the pipe body( rib reinforcement), so the rib reinforcement layer on the surface of the pipe can work as a “ancillary shoring”.

                Product Advantages

                Comprehensive Advantages

                ipe Type Steel Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe PCCP Pipe Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe Fiber Reinforced PE Pipe
                Pipe Stiffness High High High Low High
                Inner Pressure Resistance High
                High Relatively Low High High
                Friction Coefficient 0.024 0.021 0.024 0.011 0.009
                Fluid Delivery Energy Consumption Relatively High Middle High Low Low
                Corrosion Resistance Bad Normal Bad Excellent Excellent
                Thermal Insulation Property Bad Bad Normal Excellent Excellent
                Scaling Easy Easy Easy Not Easy Not Easy
                Effect on Water Quality Yes Little Yes Yes No
                Delivery Cost High High High Relatively Low Relatively Low
                Labor Intensity for Installation High High High Relatively Low Relatively Low
                Installation Technical Requirement  
                Relatively Low
                Relatively High Relatively Low  
                Installation Efficiency Low Low Relatively High Low High
                Pipe Joints Many Many Many A Few A Few
                Impervious Property Normal Normal Bad Good Good
                Wear Resistance Normal Normal Bad Good Good
                Operational Maintenance Need Cathodic Protection Need Cathodic Protection No No No
                Service Life 35 Years 30 Years 30 Years 50 Years More than 50 Years
                Comprehensive Cost Relatively High High  
                Relatively High
                Relatively Low Low
                 Water Flow Advantage
                Water Flow Comparing Table for Four Kinds of Pipes With Full Flow of Water in the Same Diameter
                DN(mm) Fiber Reinforced Pipe Flow Rate Steel Pipe Flow Rate Concrete Pipe with Steel Sleeve Flow Rate Ductile Iron Pipe Flow Rate Remarks
                300 Q1 0.75Q1 0.6Q1 0.5Q1 The roughness of the Fiber Reinforced PE Pipe is 0.009, with the conversion flow rate Q;
                400 Q2 0.75Q2 0.6Q2 0.5Q2
                500 Q3 0.75Q3 0.6Q3 0.5Q3 The roughness of the Steel Pipe is 0.012, with the conversion flow rate 0.75Q;
                600 Q4 0.75Q4 0.6Q4 0.5Q4
                700 Q5 0.75Q5 0.6Q5 0.5Q5 The roughness of the Steel Sleeve Concrete Pipe is 0.015, with the conversion flow rate 0.6Q;
                800 Q6 0.75Q6 0.6Q6 0.5Q6
                1000 Q7 0.75Q7 0.6Q7 0.5Q7
                1600 Q8 0.75Q8 0.6Q8 0.5Q8 The roughness of the Ductile Iron Pipe is 0.018, with the conversion flow rate 0.5Q.
                2000 Q9 0.75Q9 0.6Q9 0.5Q9
                2400 Q10 0.75Q10 0.6Q10 0.5Q10
                2600 Q11 0.75Q11 0.6Q11 0.5Q11
                3000 Q12 0.75Q12 0.6Q12 0.5Q12

                Product Properties

                Adjustable Flow Rate(Pressure)

                Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes can bear  high working  pressure, and be connected by socket fusion welding, the pipeline system can withstand higher pressure, meanwhile with a low roughness and a small delivery resistance, the fiber reinforced polyethylene pipe is realizing a function of an adjustable flow rate within a pressure range from 0.6 to 2.5MPa,which means the transmission capacity will go higher with a increasing pressure, vice versa.

                No Leakage

                Adopting the technology of socket fusion welding, the fiber reinforced polyethylene pipe is realizing the integration of the joints and the pipes essentially by a guaranteed identity of the joints material, pipeline structure and the pipe body.

                Environmental Protection

                The inner layer is polyethylene material, which is constituted by two elements C and H, with no side effect in toxic, and the pipes has been awarded the Approved Licence Referred to Drinking Water in Shandong Province, the pipes have no pollution to the environment.

                Long Service Life

                As a cost effective pipelines, the service life of the fiber reinforced polyethylene pipe can be up to 50 years.

                Light in Weight

                The weight of the Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe is just 1/5 of common concrete pipe. Light in weight however high in stiffness of the pipe,a lot of time and effort can be saved in a much more convenient construction.

                Corrosion Resistance

                The Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe holds an extremely high chemical stability, it can corrosion resist to kinds of acid, alkali, salt.

                Construction of Pipeline

                All Kinds of Pipe Fittings

                All kinds of pipe fittings including standard pipe fittings and special shaped pipe fittings can be designed and supplied according to thecustomer requirement.

                Engineering Design

                Shandong Buoy&Pipe Industry Co., Ltd could provide turnkey solution for pipes and pipeline construction. We can help you to choose the most suitable pipes and pipe fittings for your projects with the following information you offered.

                Pipe Diameter or Flow Rate

                Underground Water Condition

                Pipe Inner Pressure Condition

                Thickness of the Covered Soil on

                the Top of the Pipe

                Soil Type

                Designed Loading Condition of the Road

                Temperature of the Transmission Medium


                Connected by the socket fusion welding, the welding wires are embedded into the inner surface of the pipes during their production, when the pipes need to be connected at the construction site, just access it to the power to finish the welding, so the pipes can be used in some area with high pressure and where sedimentation can be easily happened.

                Our Pipes

                High Quality Pipes+Excellent Connection+ Complete Pipe Fittings= Safe Pipeline System

                Municipal Water Supply  Long Distance Water Supply

                Integrated Pipe Gallery Water Supply Irrigation and Water Conservancy Pipe

                Wharf Water Supply

                Petrochemical Water Supply in Power Plant



                No. Nominal Diameter -DN(mm)               Nominal Pressure(MPa)
                1 300.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                2 400.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                3 500.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                4 600.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                5 700.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                6 800.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                7 900.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                8 1000.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                9 1200.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                10 1400.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                11 1600.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                12 1800.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                13 2000.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                14 2200.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                15 2400.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                16 2600.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                17 2800.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5
                18 3000.0 0.6  0.8  1.0  1.25  1.6  2.0  2.5

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