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                20Inch UHMWPE Floating Pipe

                UHMWPE floating pipe for sand/slurry dredging 

                Reasons to Consider Using UHMWPE floating Pipes:

                1, Anti-Scaling

                2. Superior Chemical Resistivity (for details click here)

                3, Extreme Wear Resistance

                4, Extremely Low Surface Roughness

                5,Self Lubricating

                6, Improves Pumping Efficiency

                7,Reduces Required Energy Input

                8,Greatly Reduces 'Total Pumping Cost'

                9,Corrosion Resistance

                10,Aids in Delivering Emmision Targets

                <a href='http://www.q2p19yj.buzz/dredging.asp' target='_blank' style='color:#0000FF; text-decoration:underline;'>dredging</a>

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