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                Flexible Rubber Discharging Hose

                Flexible Rubber Discharging Hose

                The steel flange discharge hoses are used with dredgers for silt/gravels conveyance.


                The hose is often located in two steel pipes.


                The suitable conveyance matters are usually mud, clay, fine sand, fine-mid sand and so on.


                The suitable working temperature is from -20°C to +50°C.


                Thickness of the pipe wall is from 34mm to 75mm.




                it is convenient to install,

                flexible to use, safe,


                bending –resistant,

                excellent prevent ageing performance.




                Sand/slurry/ mud dredging project on the sea. The rubber hoses will be installed with the UHMWPE floating hose to help increase the flexibility of the whole pipeline and extend the whole pipeline's using life. 




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                We also supply UHMWPE floating pipe and PE pipe floats


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