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                UHMWPE floating dredging pipe

                UHMWPE floating dredging pipe

                UHMWPE floating dredging pipe is combined with UHMWPE dredging pipe and MDPE floats.

                UHMWPE dredging pipe material is UHMWPE, and Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a new kind of engineering thermoplastics with more than1.5 million viscosity-average molecular weight. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe has superior performance over conventional HDPE pipe such as very high wear resistance, impact resistance, excellent resistance to internal pressure strength, resistance to environmental stress cracking, intrinsically self-lubricating, anti-adhesion, low temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.  The UHMWPE pipe is extruded out with the extruding machine with the UHMWPE material .

                Because of the advantages of the UHMWPE material, thus the UHMWPE pipe has the following benefits:

                a. High Wear Resistance

                High wear resistance is 4 to 7 times that of Q235 steel pipe and 2.7  times that of wear-resistant steel 16Mn.The working life of UHMWPE pipes is more than 3 times that of wear-resistant steel pipe.

                b. High Corrosion Resistance

                UHMWPE material structure is saturated molecular group, with great chemical stability,good resistance of various corrosion mediums(acid,alkali,salt)and organic solvents.

                c. High Impact Resistance

                Which is 5 times  that of HDPE pipe, 2 times that of PC pipe and 10 times that of PTFE pipes. which makes UHMWPE pipe can withstand great water hammer impact when starting up pump station.

                d. High Pressure Resistance

                which is 2 times to that of PE100 pipe and 2.5 times to that of PE80.UHMWPE pipe can withstand wide fluctuate of water pressure in the pipeline.

                e. Environment Proctection

                The manufacturing and processing of wear resistant UHMWPE pipe is low carbon,without wasted water,exhausted gas and waste residue,which saves 20% energy compare with the traditional steel pipes.

                f. High Flexibility

                With high toughness and elongation of no less than 350%,the UHMWPE pipe and the connection site will not crack when crust settling which maximally ensure to supply water normally.

                g. Non-scaling

                With toughness of 0.00022 and smooth pipe inner wall, it can efficiently avoid scaling without acid cleaning,which save a lot of maintenance cost.

                h.  Low energy consumption

                Its coefficient of friction resistance is 0.009 while that of steel pipe is 0.013. With the same diameter, flow rate of UHMWPE pipe is large than steel pipe, and with the same flow rate,UHMWPE pipe can save 25% energy.

                Welcome your inquiry on the UHMWPE floating dredging pipe to cocoyuan@buoyandpipe.com whatsapp/viber:8615224285781 skype/wechat: cocoonline2

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