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                Self Floating Hose



                Floating discharging hose is becoming more and more popular with the


                recognition of the clients. It’s used for conveyance during dredging work with


                some improved functions. The suitable working temperature is from -20°C to


                50 °C.Bending angle is from 0° to 45 °




                l Tricolor indicator layer available for warning


                l Independent foam floatation casing leading to no water absorption


                l Above water part is no less than 20%


                l UV protection and abrasion resistant

                Available in either floating or submarine designs hoses custom designed for hopper connection systems.Riser hoses specifically designed to relieve stresses when changing between floating hoses and submarine pipelines.

                Performace advantages

                1. The outer surface is covered with excellent rubber which is of abration

                resistance and UV protection.

                2. With coloured layers as the wear indicator.

                3. With independent foam floating layer; It is sealed and non-absorbent; The hose emergence above water is not less than 20% of the total volume.

                4. With high quality, wear resistant rubber.

                5. Flange design could be customerized.

                6. Angle of bending: the bending angle could be 0-45 degree when working.

                Welcome your inquiry to cocoyuan@buoyandpipe.com whatsapp/viber: 8615224285781  skype/wechat: cocoonline2

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